Dissertations and Theses: Mathematics Program

Below you find the theses and dissertations of the Graduate Program in Mathematics produced and defended on IMECC starting on the year 2000. You can filter the output by year and by level.

Student Title Program Date
Anderson Felipe Penagos Rojas Stochastic differential equations with discontinuous drift Mathematics 12/08/2019
Alejandro Otero Robles The Leray's problem Mathematics 12/08/2019
Kennerson Nascimento de Sousa Lima Bifurcation and local rigidity of homogeneous solutions to the Yamabe problem on maximal flag manifolds Mathematics 09/08/2019
Andrés Julián Moreno Ospina Algebraic methods in G2-geometry Mathematics 09/08/2019
Victor Antonio Blanco Viloria Mathematics 09/08/2019
Vicente Carlos Perez Alvarez On a system of Schrödinger type equations and asymptotic behavior of solutions Mathematics 09/08/2019
Alvaro Enrique Machado Hernandez Mathematics 08/08/2019
Juan David Londoño Acevedo Discretization by Euler's method for regular Lagrangian flows with one-sided Lipschitz field Mathematics 06/08/2019
Thiago Estêves Moura Global well-posedness for Schrödinger equations perturbed by a nonlocal term Mathematics 01/08/2019
André Ferreira e Pereira Mathematics 12/07/2019
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