Dissertations and Theses: Mathematics Program

Below you find the theses and dissertations of the Graduate Program in Mathematics produced and defended on IMECC starting on the year 2000. You can filter the output by year and by level.

Student Title Program Date
Gilmar de Sousa Ferreira Mathematics 06/11/2019
Miguel Alfredo Del Rio Palma Mathematics 25/10/2019
Bianca Boeira Dornelas Co-context-free groups Mathematics 23/09/2019
Andressa Gomes On global well-posedness for some nonlinear dispersive models Mathematics 17/09/2019
Deimer Jose Julio Aleans n-Widths and entropy numbers of sets of smooth functions on complex spheres Mathematics 09/09/2019
Roberto Assis Machado Mathematics 09/09/2019
Jesus Manuel Correa Lora Mathematics 30/08/2019
Osmar Rogerio Reis Severiano Complex symmetric composition operators of the disk and half-plane Mathematics 23/08/2019
David Levi da Silva Macêdo Polynomial identities of representations of Lie algebras and growth of the codimensions Mathematics 21/08/2019
Lina Isabel Triviño Viera Some properties of algebraic curves in positive characteristic Mathematics 14/08/2019
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