Applied Mathematics

Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is a vital tool used in virtually every scientific and technological area of knowledge. Broadly speaking, technological and intellectual development heavily relies on applying mathematical techniques such as mathematical modeling, applied analysis, numerical methods, simulation, and computational algorithms.The Faculty at the Applied Mathematics Department of the University of Campinas consists of recognized researchers in their respective fields that include the following: applied analysis, numerical analysis,  biomathematics, mathematical physics, computational geophysics, optimization, operations research, mathematical imaging, and computational intelligence. Since our research is multidisciplinary by nature, our faculty extensively interacts with the ones of other departments at UNICAMP and a host of other universities around the world. 

Coordinator of the Program: Eduardo Abreu

Master's Degree

Course's objective is to train professionals to act in the interface between Mathematics and Applied Sciences. A strong emphasis is given to interdisciplinary research, modelling and problem solving.In order to obtain the title of Master the applicant must obtain 20 credits, be approved in the qualification and foreign language exams and obtain approval in a dissertation of the Master's thesis. It is expected from students to participate actively in the planning of seminars of graduation.


Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics aims to train researchers with scientific autonomy in areas of interface between Mathematics and Applied Sciences. For achieving this goal, the program  emphasizes the research work since the beginning of the enrollment as a Regular Student in the program. In order to obtain the title of Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics the applicant must obtain 32 credits; be approved in the qualification exams, in the exams of English as a foreign language (reading and writing levels) and in the doctoral thesis. The student shall pass a writen exam about the contents of the basic courses and an exam specific to the research field of the candidate.

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