Dissertations and Theses: Mathematics Program

Below you find the theses and dissertations of the Graduate Program in Mathematics produced and defended on IMECC starting on the year 2000. You can filter the output by year and by level.

Student Title Program Date
Francisco Javier Vielma Leal Study of solutions to some non-linear evolution equations of dispersive type Mathematics 14/07/2020
Marcos dos Santos ferreira Complex symmetry and universality for Toeplitz operators of polydisk Mathematics 29/05/2020
Leithold Louis Aurazo Alvarez On long-time solutions for Boussinesq-type models in Besov and Fourier-Besov-Morrey spaces Mathematics 28/04/2020
Maicon Sartori Hespanha On a Schrödinger system arizing in nonlinear optics Mathematics 27/03/2020
José Vitor Pena Attainability of Trudinger-Moser type supremums and related Henón problems Mathematics 26/03/2020
Heraclio Ledgar López Lázaro Asymptotic Analysis to non-Autonomous Systems of Incompressible non-Newtonian Fluids Mathematics 23/03/2020
Fernando Sônego de Toledo Identities of Hopf algebras Mathematics 16/03/2020
Carlos Augusto Bassani Varea Invariant generalized complex structures on flag manifolds Mathematics 11/03/2020
Luis Augusto de Mendonça Homological finiteness properties Mathematics 09/03/2020
Daniel Gomes Fadel On the behavior of sequences of arbitrarily large mass monopoles in dimensions 3 and 7 Mathematics 09/03/2020
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