Campinas, October 5, 1966: on this date the foundation stone was laid for the campus of one of the most important universities in Brazil, Unicamp. The land, donated to the State by João Adhemar de Almeida Prado, had 30 bushels and was located 12 kilometers from the center of Campinas.

In the same year, the State Board of Education authorized the installation and operation of the Mathematics Institute, through Resolution nº 46/66. But only two years later, in 1968, the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science began to function.

The first students graduated from the Institute entered Unicamp in 1967, but in this period the freshmen started their course at the Faculty of Sciences and then chose the modality that they liked best. The first course to be created at IMECC was Statistics, in 1968.

With the dismemberment of the Department of Computer Science (DCC), which ceased to be part of the IMECC to become an independent Unit in March 1996, the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science had its name changed to Instituto de Matemática , Statistics and Scientific Computing, which allowed the acronym IMECC to be kept.

In 2018, the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing completed 50 years dedicated to developing teaching, research and the provision of services to the community. In all these years of work and research, the institute played an important role in the formation of citizens who contributed and contribute to the evolution of mathematics in the country.

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