About us

IMECC, Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing is one of the most prestigious Brazilian institutions of higher education and scientific research in the areas of mathematics, statistics and applied mathematics.

We are one of the 24 teaching and research units at the University of Campinas, Unicamp, and we are located on the Barão Geraldo campus in the city of Campinas, São Paulo.

The Institute has a faculty of approximately 100 PhD professors, dedicated to teaching and research activities in different areas of mathematics and statistics, in addition to developing extension activities and providing services to the community.

We offer 4 undergraduate courses: Mathematics, Licentiate in Mathematics, Statistics and Applied and Computational Mathematics, in addition to being responsible for teaching the disciplines of statistics and mathematics for the other courses in the exact, technological and biological areas of the university.

We also offer 5 graduate programs that are among the best evaluated in the country by CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel):

  • Mathematics (master's and doctorate): it is one of the main programs in Latin America for the training of researchers in the area of ​​Mathematics and has received the maximum grade 7 in CAPES's external evaluations in recent decades. Students graduated from this program work as professors and researchers of excellence in many institutions in Brazil and abroad.

  • Statistics (master's and doctorate): the focus of the program is the training of professionals in Probability, Statistics and their applications and the training of research leaders in these areas. Students graduated in this program work in different segments of society such as industry and consulting. They also work as professors and researchers at renowned universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad.

  • Applied Mathematics (Master's and Doctorate): Applied Mathematics is used in practically all areas of scientific and technological knowledge. Current technological and intellectual development is largely based on the application of mathematical knowledge. Such applications involve mathematical models, applied analysis, numerical methods, simulation and the implementation and dissemination of free software.

  • Professional Master's in Applied and Computational Mathematics (Master's): this program aims to train people for professional practice through the development of interdisciplinary content such as applied mathematics in engineering, physics, the environment, health problems and topics related to the teaching of subjects mathematics at university and in technical courses.

  • PROFMAT - Professional Master's in Mathematics in a National Network (master's): is a blended course, with national offer, carried out by a network of higher education institutions, in the context of the Open University of Brazil, and coordinated by the Brazilian Society of Mathematics. It is a stricto sensu postgraduate course to improve the professional training of basic education teachers.

The Institute also offers a Post-Doctoral Program for the development of joint research projects between IMECC professors and professionals from other research centers and institutions in Brazil or abroad.

Research is part of the day-to-day of IMECC. Our teachers and students are always engaged in projects, with public or private funding. There are 25 research groups, in the most different lines of research in Mathematics and Statistics, carrying out their own scientific production and collaborating and interacting with researchers from other institutions in Brazil and abroad. With the entry of Brazil recently (2018) in the group of the ten most developed countries in the world in mathematical research, the participation of IMECC is recognizedly highlighted through the important national and international awards received by professors and researchers of the Institute for the excellence of their research.

Our extension activities aim to disseminate knowledge of mathematics and statistics among students at different educational levels, as well as among professionals from public and private organizations. Some initiatives stand out:

  • LEM - Mathematics Teaching Laboratory: aims at improving the training of Mathematics teaching professionals and IMECC Mathematics Licentiate students.

  • NEMO - Center for Studies in Organizational Improvement: works in the training of students and consulting with companies in the area of ​​Process and People Improvement.

  • OMU - Unicamp Mathematics Olympiad: aims to stimulate the learning of mathematics among elementary and high school students.

  • Statistical Consulting: offers consulting in the areas of data analysis and experiment planning, among others. This work is developed by students under the supervision of the Institute's professors.

  • Repository of Didactic Material: it is a set of exercises, classes, applications and tests for the disciplines of differential and integral calculus and analytical geometry, available in digital format as study material for students and as support material for teachers in preparing tests and lists of exercises in these areas.

  • M3 Multimedia Mathematics: is a collection of multimedia educational objects in digital formats developed by IMECC teachers together with other Unicamp teachers for high school mathematics in Brazil.

  • PAPMEM - Improvement Program for High School Mathematics Teachers: IMECC is one of the partner institutions of IMPA (Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics) in this program that aims to offer training to high school math teachers that takes place during school breaks ( January and July) since 1990.