Dissertations and Theses: Statistics Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the Statistics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC starting on year 2000. You can filter the output by program, year, and level.

Student Title Program Date
Carlos Alberto Huaira Contreras Scale mixture of normal regression linear regression model with change point : estimation and diagnostics Statistics 14/08/2014
Marcelo Rocha Costa The harmonic measure of the cube Statistics 26/06/2014
Diego Fernando de Bernardini Russo's formula and decoupling inequalities for random interlacements Statistics 16/06/2014
Saulo Almeida Morellato Statistical inference for h-splines multiple regression Statistics 14/04/2014
Luis Enrique Benites Sánchez Models bivariate Birnbaum-Saunders Statistics 07/03/2014
Rocío Paola Maehara Sánchez Linear Regression model Sinh-Normal: Applications to life times Statistics 07/03/2014
Juan Leonardo Padilla Gomez Assimetric multidimensional item response theory models for multiple groups and dichotomic responses under a bayesian perspective Statistics 06/03/2014
Renata Guimarães Romeiro Bivariate Birnbaum-Saunders regression model Statistics 28/02/2014
Eduardo Vargas Ferreira Skew item response theory models for multiple groups and for nominal and ordinal polytomous responses under a Bayesian framework Statistics 28/02/2014
Walter Augusto Fonsêca de Carvalho Renewal processes obtained by aggregation of states from a markovian process Statistics 28/02/2014
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