Dissertations and Theses: Statistics Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the Statistics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC starting on year 2000. You can filter the output by program, year, and level.

Student Title Program Date
Benilton de Sá Carvalho Modelos de fragilidade com aplicações em análise de ligação Statistics 28/02/2003
Bruna de Oliveira Gonçalves Growth model with interaction cooperative Statistics 26/02/2019
Bruno Reis dos Santos Local influence in time series models Statistics 25/04/2008
Camila Borelli Zeller Grubbs' model with subgroups Statistics 23/02/2006
Camila Borelli Zeller Scale mixtures of skew-normal distribuitions : estimation and diagnostics for linear models Statistics 17/12/2009
Camila Pedroso Estevam de Souza Distances approach to test hypothesis for functional data Statistics 25/04/2008
Carlos Alberto Huaira Contreras Scale mixture of normal regression linear regression model with change point : estimation and diagnostics Statistics 14/08/2014
Carlos Cesar Trucios Maza Bootstrap forecast densities in univariate and multivariate volatility models Statistics 25/08/2016
Carlos César Trucíos Maza Bootstrap prediction in univariate volatility models Statistics 11/07/2012
Caroline de Freitas Sakamoto Construction of multivariate distributions wits asymmetric dependence : hierarchical arquimedean copula, pair-copula and t-student copula Statistics 28/02/2012
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