Dissertations: Professional Master Program

Below you will find the dissertations of the Professional Master's in Applied Mathematics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Paulo Víctor Campagnoli França Mathematical models to optimize the confinement of beef cattle Professional Master 12/02/2015
Nélida Maria Lima Brito da Graça Morais Study of imperfection degree in sub-lattices of the integer lattice Professional Master 10/08/2015
Gracielle Heleno da Silva Carvalho Optimization model based on interruption time flows for the planning of switch allocations in power distribution systems Professional Master 09/30/2015
Fernando Silveira Alves Routing problems of applied vehicles in the logistical planning of school transport in the city of Coxim - MS Professional Master 05/28/2015
Alberto Faustino Dias The Fibonacci sequence and the number of gold : variational models Professional Master 05/08/2015
Francisco Pessoa de Paiva Júnior Alternatives modelings for meningitis in Maranhão Professional Master 05/04/2015
Rian Penachi An introduction to nonlinear optimization and the solution of symmetric problems through ALGENCAN Professional Master 03/30/2015
Fabiano Boaventura de Miranda Vector quantization using spherical codes Professional Master 03/06/2015
Nazime Sales Filho Qualitative analysis of dengue propagation model to spatially homogeneous populations Professional Master 02/24/2015
Michelly Guerra Costa Basketball shots and sequences of Bernoulli : an application of statistical methods for analysis of binary time series Professional Master 12/14/2012
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