Dissertations: Professional Master Program

Below you will find the dissertations of the Professional Master's in Applied Mathematics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Odair José T. Fonseca "Alarm call : an evolutionary novelty" Professional Master 06/26/2017
Naara Karolyne Morais Pereira "A quantitative study on breast cancer" Professional Master 06/14/2017
Maycon Pereira de Souza "A study on the nonlinear conjugate gradient method" Professional Master 04/26/2017
Ítalo José Juliano "Multicriteria decision analisys based on utility theory : an application to product selection" Professional Master 02/10/2017
Fabricio Kleinicke Gomes "Forecast for demand in Internet transaction analysis services using linear mixed model" Professional Master 02/07/2017
Carlos Eduardo de Morais Ferreira Some metaheuristics for the urban network design problem Professional Master 12/15/2016
João Socorro Pinheiro Ferreira Mathematical modeling of classical epidemiological systems : an exploratory study Professional Master 11/29/2016
José Luanderson da Silva Moura A study for the mechanical system consisting of coupled pendulums and n damped by the function of dissipating Rayleigh Professional Master 10/05/2016
Michael Kennedy Valente Gondim A study of the movement of two celestial bodies by moddeling newtonian and lagrangian Professional Master 10/04/2016
Danilo Lima Falcão Mathematical modeling for leprosy in Codo-MA Professional Master 07/15/2016
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