Result of the Selection for Postdoctoral Position (PNPD)


 Selection for Postdoctoral Position (PNPD-CAPES)



Hereby we would like to inform about the final classification of the selection process for one postdoctoral position under the National Programme for Postdoctoral Scholarships (PNPD, CAPES, Brazil) at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Campinas (Unicamp).

The Selection Committee selected twenty five candidates (among forty one applications).

Final classification indicated by the Selection Committee (order of priority):

1. Sara Díaz Cardell

2. Chaabane Rejeb

3. Matthew Spencer

4. Lázaro Rodríguez

5. Ítalo Duarte

6. Jeovanny Acevedo

7. Victor Andres Vargas Cubides

8. Iris Zeli

9. Henry Sanabria

10. Farid Bozorgnia

11. Ihechukwu Chinyere

12. Liliana Cely

13. Guilherme Zsigmond Machado

14. Rohit Gupta

15. Fatemeh Azari Key

16. Alex Sierra

17. Gabriel Muñoz

18. Prachi Sharma

19. Chimere Anabanti

20. Carlos Henrique Tognon

21. Diego Salazar

22. Jordan Lambert Silva

23. Ariadne Nogueira

24. Jorge Mello

25. Iman Mehrabinezhad