Relatórios de Pesquisa

4/1987 Correct Clifford algebra representations of Pauli, Dirac, dotted and undotted two-components spinors
Vera Lúcia Figueiredo, Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr.
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3/1987 Best approximants from certain subsets of bounded functions
João B. Prolla
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2/1987 Chebyshev centers in spaces of continuous functions
João B. Prolla, Ary O. Chiacchio, Maria Sueli M. Roversi
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1/1987 Approximation by positive elements of subalgebras of real-valued functions
João B. Prolla
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247/1983 Some applications of non-Hermitian operators in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory
Erasmo Recami, Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr., Pavel Smrz

Due to the possibility of rephrasing it in terms of Lie-admissible algebras, some work done in the past in collaboration with A. Agodi, M. Baldo and V. S. Olkhvsky is here reported. Such work led to the introduction of non-Hermitian operators in (classical and relativistic) quantum theory. We deal in particular with: (i) the association of unstable states (decaying "Resonances") with the eigenvectors of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians; (ii) the problem of the four-position operators for relativistic spin-zero particles.

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239/1983 The fundamental equations of minimal surfaces in setC P²
Jost Hinrich Eschenburg, Renato de Azevedo Tribuzy, Irwen Valle Guadalupe
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210/1982 Best approximation of bounded functions by continuous functions
Maria Sueli Marconi Roversi
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184/1980 Proper n-valued Lukasiewicz algebras as S-algebras of Lukasiewicz n-valued propositional calculi
Roberto Cignoli
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183/1980 Dualities for some de Morgan algebras with operators and Lukasiewicz algebras
Roberto Cignoli, Marta S. de Gallego
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182/1980 An exploratory method for the selection of categorical variables
J. Norberto W. Dachs, Mauro S.F. Marques
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