This page collects support material for the users of GêBR.

  • [agu-2010-gebr.prjz] Sample GêBR project employed in Seismic processing and GêBR short course presented at AGU 2010. This project can be imported into GêBR 0.9.17 or newer.
    A newer version of this project, with some minor corrections in the report of the flows is also available.
  • [ivsimbgf-2010.prjz] Sample GêBR project (in Portuguese) employed in GêBR – Uma plataforma livre para processamento sísmico, the short couse presented at IV SimBGf 2010, im Brasilia. This project can be imported into GêBR 0.10.0 or newer. Besides, read the complete documentation for this project on-line.