ToSCo Project

ToSCo (Tools for Scientific Computing) is a collection of programs GêBR-ready, i.e. programs suitable to be executed and controlled by GêBR. Many of these programs are related to geophysical data processing.

Visit ToSCo site to know more about it.

Seismic Un*x

Seismic Un*x (or SU, for short) is a package of command-line oriented programs for 2D seismic data processing, developed at Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP), from Colorado School of Mines. It is built by code contributed mainly by CWP researchers and students.

Most of SU is already accessable through GêBR. At download page, you will find not only the neccessary files to get SU visible to GêBR, but also a tool to turn SU installation easier to our users.