Fedora / CentOS

As superuser (root), follow the three steps bellow to add GêBR RPM repository to your Fedora or CentOS machine.
  1. Create the file /etc/yum.repos.d/gebr.repo with the content below. Replace <distro> by fedora or centos, and <version> by any version from 16 to 17, in the case of Fedora, or by 5 or 6 for CentOS.


  2. Update your package list:

    yum check-update

  3. In case you are installing GêBR for the first time, on Fedora and CentOS 6, run:

    yum install gebr gebrd debr libgebr gebr-menus-su gebr-menus-shtools

    On CentOS 5, run:

    yum install gebrproject

    To upgrade a previous install run:

    yum check-update; yum upgrade

  4. After installing GêBR, execute following commands (just to acess the machine remotely):

    service sshd start
    chkconfig --level 35 sshd on


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