There are binary package repository for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentOS linux distros. Installing GêBR through such repositories is simpler than downloading and installing packages manually. That is the recommend way of installing and updating GêBR. Please, read install instructions for details.


In case you want to download binary packages for your linux distro, please refer to the links below.

Latest Release Ubuntu Debian Fedora CentOS Source
0.20.1 Lucid (10.04)
Natty (11.04)
Oneiric (11.10)
Precise (12.04)
Quantal (12.10)
Squeeze (6.0) Verne (16)
Beefy Miracle (17)
CentOS 5

CentOS 6

Note: Seismic Unix user should be aware that installing Seismic Unix menus to GêBR is not enough to have Seismic Unix package, which should be installed itself too.

We provide a script to facilitate this task for Ubuntu users, which could also be employed by Debian users with some tweaks. The script was verified up to Seismic Unix 44R1. See this post with instructions.

Source code

You can browse the most recent source code at See Build GêBR from source for instructions.

GêBR Live

GêBR Live is a bootable live system on DVD, based on the most updated Ubuntu release, with GêBR suite pre-installed as well as Seismic Un*x and other seismic related softwares. A GêBR Live DVD can be used to start the system without any installation in the hard-disk, being in this regard the easiest way to try GêBR. A GêBR Live DVD can also be used as a traditional installation media. ISO images are available for download.

Download map

See how global GêBR is looking at its FTP access map.