GêBR Live DVD is a seismic-processing-ready DVD-bootable Linux distribution. It comes with seismic-processing softwares and development tools, providing a complete scientific environment. You can use it as a media to perform a full installation to a machine or just to test GêBR without any change in your computer.

Besides usual softwares like complete office suite, browser, share and communication utilities, some specialized softwares presented in GêBR Live DVD are:

  • GêBR seismic processing suite
  • Scientific computing tools from ToSCo Project
  • Seismic Un*x
  • Octave and other math softwares
  • Scientific authoring tools
  • Compilers and tools for developers

GêBR Live DVD is based on the latest Ubuntu. Its version number follows the same semantic used in Ubuntu project: yy.mm, where yy states for the year and mm for the month of the release.

Browse the GêBR download server to select an ISO images for GêBR Live DVD, or directly download the ISO of the latest version.