How to help

GêBR is an ongoing project, which has been carried out by a small team of enthusiasts. If you are an enthusiast too, here is a list of ways to help keeping GêBR growing.

  • Use and promote GêBR [Install guide]
  • Join the GêBR discussion group and share your knowledge with others [Mailing lists]
  • Report bugs, ask for new features  [Bugs and issues]
  • Write and/or revise documentation
  • Port seismic processing tools to GêBR (like Seismic Unix, Madagascar, etc)
  • Port other command-line tools to GêBR
  • Express your support to GêBR
  • Create pixmaps (icons, logo, etc)
  • Translate documentation and/or code to other languages
  • Distribute your own seismic tools in GêBR
  • Build binary packages of GêBR and/or test them
  • Help to code. Programmers check for open issues (bugs and features requests)

We don’t ask for money, but if you are looking for an investment oportunity, here we are!