Job opportunities

GêBR Project is carried out by GêBR Core Team, which is composed by people with many different skills. You can join this team too. There are mainly two ways to contribute we are always interested in: as programmers, those who implement the GêBR interface and sub-components, and as porters, those who add new functionalities to GêBR by porting programs to it.


To be part of the programmers team of the GêBR Project you must have some characteristics.

  • Be a free software enthusiast
  • Love to code
  • Love to learn

Some technical skills we are particularly looking for are:

  • Experience with C and GTK+
  • Be used to object-oriented programming paradigm
  • Be used to programming methodologies (like XP, Scrum, etc)
  • Experience with scientific data visualization, and libraries for that purpose (like PLPlot)
  • Experience with job submission queues for clusters (like TORQUE)
  • Notions about interface design


The porters are so important as the programmers, and there are positions available for them in GêBR Project. The desired profile for porters includes

  • Be used to linux/unix shell and command line programs
  • Some interest in scientific areas related to the project (like Geophysics, Applied Math, Imaging Process, Physics, Scientific Computing, etc)

How to apply

We are continuously considering applications for job positions. Send us your resume, describing briefly your skills and know-hows.