Relatórios de Pesquisa de 2007

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01/07:  Control Sets on Flag Manifolds and Ideal Boundaries of Symmetric Spaces, M. Firer and O. G. do Rocio, submitted 01/07.
02/07:  Skew-Normal/Independent Distributions, with Applications, V. H. Lachos and F. V. Labra, submitted 01/07.
03/07:  Absolutely Summing Mappings, Nuclear Mappings and Convolution Equations, Mário C. Matos, submitted 02/07.
04/07:  Conservations Laws for Critical Kohn-Laplace Equations on the Heisenberg Group, Yuri Bozhkov and Igor Leite Freire, submitted 02/07.
05/07:  Multiplicity of Soliton Solutions for Quasilinear Schrödinger Equations, Uberlandio Batista Severo, submitted 02/07.
06/07:  Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Soliton Solutions for a Class of Quasilinear Schrödinger Equations, Uberlandio Batista Severo, submitted 02/07.
07/07:  Laguerre Expansions and Products of Distributions, Pedro J. Catuogno, Federico N. Martínez and Sandra M. Molina, submitted 02/07.
08/07:  Skew-Normal Distribution in Multivariate Null Intercept Measurement Error Model, F. V. Labra, R. Aoki, V. Garibay and V. H. Lachos, submitted 03/07.
09/07:  Full Bayesian Analysis for Price Calculation in Jump-diffusion Models, Laura L.R. Rifo and Soledad Torres, submitted 04/07.
10/07:  The Replacement of Lotka-Volterra Model by a Formulation Involving Fractional Derivatives, R. Figueiredo Carmargo, E. Capelas de Oliveira and F. A. M. Gomes, submitted 05/07.
11/07:  Statistical Moments of the Solution of the Random Burgers-Riemann Problem,  M. Cristina C. Cunha and Fábio A. Dorini, submitted 05/07.
12/07:  The Die Race Paradox,  Jordana A. de Oliveira, Renata L. Spagnol and Laura L. R. Rifo, submitted 05/07.
13/07:  A Outra Face da Moeda Honesta,  Laura L. R. Rifo, submitted 05/07.
14/07:  A Skewed Version of the Non-Central Sinh-Normal Distribution and its Properties and Application,  Víctor Leiva, Filidor Vilca-Labra and N. Balakrishnan, submitted 05/07.
15/07:  Statistical Moments of the Random Linear Transport Equation,  Fábio A. Dorini and M. Cristina C. Cunha, submitted 05/07.
16/07:  Circulant Graphs Viewed as Graphs on Flat Tori,  S. I. R. Costa, J. E. Strapasson, M. Muniz and T. B. Carlos, submitted 06/07.
17/07:  Noether Symmetries and Conservation Laws For Non-Critical Kohn -Laplace Equations on Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Group, Igor Leite Freire, submitted 06/07.
18/07:  Approximation by $sk$-spline interpolants in $L_q$, A. Kushpel, submitted 06/07.
19/07:  Non-Parametric Estimation for Aggregated Functional Data for Electric Load Monitoring, Ronaldo Dias, Nancy L. Garcia and Angelo Martarelli, submitted 07/07.
20/07:  An Optimal Path for an Autonomous Vehicle: A Nonparametric Approach, Ronaldo Dias, Nancy L. Garcia and Adriano Z. Zambom, submitted 07/07.
21/07:  A Modified Descent Direction for Newton-GMRES Method,  Márcia A. Gomes-Ruggiero, Véra L. Rocha Lopes and Julia V. Toledo-Benavides, submitted 07/07.
22/07:  Explicit Radial Bratu Solutions in Dimension n = 1, 2, Nir Cohen and Julia V. Toledo-Benavides, submitted 07/07.
23/07:  Grupos de Heisenberg: da Geometria ao Operador de Kohn - Laplace, Igor Leite Freire, submitted 07/07.
24/07:  On Sums of Numerical Series and the Fourier Series, H. Germano Pavão and E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted 07/07.
25/07:  Invariant Manifolds for Stochastic PDE with Fractional Brownian Motion, Alberto Ohashi, submitted 07/07.
26/07:  HJM Interest Rate Models with Fractional Brownian Motions, Alberto Ohashi and Pedro Catuogno, submitted 07/07.
27/07:  Robust Multivariate Measurement Error Model with Skew-Normal/Independent Distributions, V. H. Lachos, F.V. Labra and H. Bolfarine, submitted 08/07.
28/07:  Consistent Estimator for Constrained Minimal Trajectories, Ronaldo Dias, Nancy L. Garcia and Adriano Z. Zambom, submitted 09/07.
29/07:  On a General Class of Trigonometric Functions and Fourier Series, H. Germano Pavão and E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted 09/07.
30/07:  Skew Scale Mixture of Normal Distributions: Properties and Estimation, Clécio da Silva Ferreira, Heleno Bolfarine and Víctor H. Lachos, submitted 10/07.
31/07:  On the evaluation of moments for solute transport by random velocity fields, Fábio A. Dorini, Fred Furtado and Maria C. C. Cunha, submitted 10/07.
32/07:  Differentiation to Fractional Orders and the Fractional Telegraph Equation, R. Figueiredo Camargo, Ary O. Chiacchio and E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted 10/07.
33/07:  On Genus of Circulant Graphs, J. E. Strapasson, S. I. R. Costa and M. Muniz, submitted 11/07.
34/07:  Addition Theorems Associated with the Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function, R. Figueiredo Camargo, Ary O. Chiacchio and E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted 11/07.
35/07:  Lineability of Summing Sets of Homogeneous Polynomials, Geraldo Botelho, Mário C. Matos and Daniel Pellegrino, submitted 12/07.
36/07:  A Zero-Inflated Poisson Model with Correlated Parameters and Application to Animal Breeding, Mariana Rodrigues-Motta, Daniel Gianola and Bjorg Heringstad, submitted 12/07.