Relatório de Pesquisa 28/2003


Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr.,  W.A.R. vs. AIAS




In this paper I show that Myron Evans' - representing AIAS - commentary in reference to a paper that I authored with A.L. Trovon de Carvalho entitled: "The non sequitur mathematics and physics of the 'New Electrodynamics' proposed by the AIAS group", published in the journal Random Operators and Stochastic Equations 9, 161-206 (2001), can be classified as:

(i)                  mathematical and/or physical nonsense and fallacies,

(ii)                lies.

Detailed proofs of the above statements will be given due to the fact that Evans and the AIAS group have succeeded in publishing in some journals (including, e.g.,  Found. Phys. Lett., Optik, Physica A and B, etc.) a remarkable potpourri of nonsense mathematics and physics. Most recently Evans has announced widely that new papers are in publication and others are submitted. Among the many lies told by Evans - representing AIAS - is that of the paternity of the superluminal  X-waves solutions of the homogeneous and Maxwell wave equations. This issue is discussed in an Appendix.



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July 4, 2003


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