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Relatórios de Pesquisa de 1999
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01/99 On the solution of bounded and unbounded mixed complementarity problems
Roberto Andreani and José Mario Martínez

02/99 Ideals of Holomorphic Functions on Tsirelson´s Space
Jorge Mujica

03/99 Solution of General Linear Complementarity Problem using smooth optimization and its application to bilinear programming
L. Fernandes, A. Friedlander, M. Guedes and Júdice

04/99 Quantum computations on macroscopical automata
V. A. Bubovich and A. A. Grib.

05/99 Convergence rate of spetral semi-Galerkin approximations of the equations of a liquid crystal
J. Ferreira and M. A. Rojas-Medar

06/99 On partitions with difference conditions (Part II)
José Plinio O. Santos and Paulo Mondek.

07/99 On a Combinatorial Result Related to the Rogers-Ramanujan Identities
José Plinio O. Santos and Paulo Mondek.

08/99 A new combinatorial interpretation for the Rogers-Ramanujan identities
Paulo Mondek and José Plínio O. Santos

09/99 Métodos de Elementos Finitos Para Problemas de Difusão-Convecção: Um modelo Bidimensional
Márcio Rodolfo Fernandes e Petronio Pulino

10/99 Nonmonotone strategy for minimization of quadratics with simple constraints
M. A. Diniz-Ehrhardt, Z. Dostál, M. A. Gomes-Ruggiero, J. M. Martínez and S. A. Santos

11/99 On the problem of the role of consciousness in quantum physics
A. A. Grib

12/99 Multivariate Catanova and Applications to DNA Sequences in Categorical Data
Hildete Prisco Pinheiro, Françoise Seillier Moiseiwitsch and Pranab Kummar Sen.

13/99 Modelling the Mutation Process in the HIV Genome
Hildete Prisco Pinheiro, Françoise Seillier Moiseiwitsch and Pranab Kumar Sen.

14/99 Traveltime Multiparameter Estimation Using Bound Constrained Optimization: A First Approach
Ernesto G. Birgin, Ricardo C. A. Biloti, Lúcio T. Santos and Martin Tygel and S. A. Santos

15/99 Modelos Matemáticos de Impacto Ambiental - uma visão introdutória
João Frederico C. A. Meyer,

16/99 Sobre o Método dos Quadrados Mínimos Modificado e suas Aplicações
Rodrigo Tsai and, Vera Lúcia Lopes.

17/99 Splines Nonparametric Regression via reversible jump MCMC
Ronaldo Dias,

18/99 On maximal curves having classical Weierstrass gaps
Arnaldo Garcia, Fernando Torres,

19/99 Reflexive Spaces of Linear Operators
Jorge Mujica,

20/99 A Importância dos Pares de Bailey na Busca de Novas Identidades
Paulo Mondek e José Plinio O. Santos,

21/99 Desigualdades Variacionais, Métodos e o Problema de Infiltração
Patrícia Nunes da Silva, Renato Fernandes Cantão e Petrônio Pulino,

22/99 Spectral gradient methods for linearly constrained optimization
Paulo Mondek e J. M. Martínez, E. A. Pilotta and M. Raydan

23/99 Analysis of Variance based on the Hamming Distance
Hildete Prisco Pinheiro, Françoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch and Pranab Kumar Sen.

24/99 On the gravitational potentials and the Riccati like equations
Roldão da Rocha Jr. and E. Capelas de Oliveira,

25/99 Practical quasi-Newton methods for solving nonlinear systems
José Mario Martínez,

26/99 Bayesian approach to Hybrid splines nonparametric regression
Ronaldo Dias, Dani Gamerman.

27/99 Right Eigenvalues Equation in Quaternion Quantum Mechanics
Stefano De Leo, and Giuseppe Scolarici.

28/99 O laplaciano: de Gauss a Beltrami até Hodge-de Rham
Roldão da Rocha Jr., E. Capelas de Oliveira e Jayme Vaz Jr.

29/99 Massless Klein-Gordon equation in the Robertson-Walker space-times
D. Gomes, E. A. Notte and E. Capelas de Oliveira,

30/99 A Family of Partition Identities Proved Combinatorially
José Plínio O. Santos, and Paulo Mondek

31/99 Kirchhoff imaging as a tool for AVO/AVA analysis
Martin Tygel,

32/99 A note on maximum likelihood density estimation using a proxy of the Kullback-Leibler distance
Ronaldo Dias,

33/99 A family of maximal noncontrollable Lie wedges with empty interior
Luiz A. B. San Martin,

34/99 Multifocus Moveout Revisited: Derivation and Alternative Expressions
Martin Tygel, Lúcio. T. Santos and Jörg Schleicher

35/99 A Comparative Analysis of the Monotone Iteration Method for Eliptic Problems
Márcia Ap. Gomes-Ruggiero, Orlando Francisco Lopes and Vera Lúcia da Rocha Lopes.

36/99 Nonexistence of invariant semigroups in affine symmetric spaces
Luiz A. B. San Martin.

37/99 Visualizing geometry with the help of "Mathematica"
Valery Marenich and Andrey Marenich.

38/99 Comments Upon the Mass Oscillation Formulas
S. De Leo, G. Ducati and P. Rotelli.

39/99 An Asymptotic Inverse to the Kirchhoff-Helmoholtz Integral
Martin Tygel, J. Schleicher, L. T. Santos and P. Hubral.

40/99 New features on finite-difference methods for option pricing
S. P. Oliveira and P. Pulino

41/99 Wiener Integral in the Space of Sequences of Real numbers
Alexandre de Andrade and Paulo R. C. Ruffino,

42/99 Critical Superlinear Ambrosetti-Prodi Problems
Djairo G. De Figueiredo and Yang Jianfu

43/99 Existence of vortex sheets with reflection symmetry in two space dimensions
M. C. Lopes Filho, H. J. Nussenzveig Lopes and Zhouping Xin.

44/99 Numerical evidence for the nonunique evolution of vortex sheets in the plane
M. C. Lopes Filho, J. Lowengrub, H. J. Nussenzveig Lopes and Yuxi Zheng.

45/99 Quaternionic Matrices: Inversion and Determinant
Nir Cohen, Stefano De Leo

46/99 Embedding of Level-Continuous Fuzzy Sets on Banach Spaces
H. Román-Flores and M. Rojas-Medar.,

47/99 The Equations of Nonhomogeneous Asymmetric Fluids: An Iterative Approach
Carlos Conca, Raul Gormaz, Elva E. Ortega-Torres and M. Rojas-Medar.

48/99 Manifolds with minimal radial curvature bounded from below and big volume
Valery Marenich.

49/99 Tournaments and Geometry of Full Flag Manifolds
Xiaohuan Mo and Caio J. C. Negreiros.

50/99 Inexact-Restoration Method with Lagrangian Tangent Decrease and a New Merit Function for Nonlinear Programming
J. M. Martínez.

51/99 Problem of Time in Quantum Theory and General Relativity
A. A. Grib.

52/99 Calculando solitones via wavelets
Julio Navarro y Lilliam Alvarez.

53/99 Equiharmonic tori in flag manifolds
Xiaohuan Mo and Caio J. C. Negreiros.

54/99 Algebras of symmetric holomorphic functions on lp
Raymundo Alencar, Richard Aron, Pablo Galindo and Andriy Zagorodnyuk.

55/99 The homotopy type of Lie semigroups in semi-simple Lie groups
Luiz A. B. San Martin and Alexandre J. Santana.

56/99 Domes, Umbrellas and Tents: a Scenic Tour Guided by Mathematica
Vera L. X. Figueiredo, Sandra A. Santos and Margarida P. Mello.

57/99 Nonsmooth Continous-Time Optimization Problems: Necessary Conditions
Adilson J. Vieira-Brandão, Marko A. Rojas-Medar and Geraldo N. Silva.

58/99 Embedding of a maximal curve in a Hermitian variety
Gábor Korchmáros and Fernando Torres.

59/99 What is Superluminal Wave Motion ?
J. Emílio Maiorino and Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Jr..

60/99 Affine Transformations Semi-conjugated to Interval Exchanges
Milton Edwin Cobo Cortez.

61/99 Maxwell Theory is Still a Source of Surprises
J. E. Maiorino and Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Jr..

62/99 Hydrodynamics for totally asymmetric k-step exclusion processes
H. Guiol, K. Ravishankar and E. Saada.

63/99 A practical optimality condition without constraint qualifications for nonlinear programming
José Mario Martínez and B. Fux Svaiter.

64/99 Convergence to the maximal invariant measure for a zero-range process with random rates
E. D. Andjel, P. A. Ferrari, H. Guiol and C. Landim.

65/99 Periodic Strong Solutions of the Magnetohydrodynamic Type Equations
E. A. Notte-Cuello, M. Drina Rojas-Medar and Marko A. Rojas-Medar.

66/99 M-convex fuzzy mappings and fuzzy integral mean
Chalco-Cano, M. A. Rojas-Medar and H. Román-Flores.

67/99 Perfect simulation for interacting point processes, loss networks and Ising models
Roberto Fernández, Pablo A. Ferrari and Nancy L. Garcia.

68/99 Covariant Derivatives on Minkowski Manifolds
V. V. Fernández, A. M. Moya and W. A. Rodrigues, Jr..

69/99 Reformulation of variational inequalities on a simplex and compactification of complementarity problems
Roberto Andreani and José Mario Martinez.

70/99 On the regularization of mixed complementarity problems
R. Andreani, J. M. Martínez and B. F. Svaiter

71/99 The Hopf invariant conjectures and the homology of manifolds
Ricardo N. Cruz.