About Me

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My research interests include connections between Information Theory, Lattices, and Discrete Geometry in a broad sense.

Here is why I think research in mathematics should be funded.

As of Oct/2016 I will be with Imperial College London

News: Talks/Conferences

  • The topic of our reading group at Imperial this semester will be "Emerging Coding Techniques". Drop me an e mail if you want to give a talk.
  • London Lattice Coding & Crypto Seminar (18/01) will take place at Imperial College
  • Invited talk on ``Capacity-Achieving codes for MIMO and fading channels'' at Huawei Research Lab, France (23/01)
  • Week on Coding and Information choosen as an official sattelite event of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 (soon to be announced on the official website)
  • Invited talk on Random Algebraic Lattices at the Optimization Seminar, CWI, the Netherlands
  • Invited talk on Gaussian Samplers in the Coding & Crypto Meeting, Royal Holloway, University of London, Sept/2016