Master's Degree Program

The Master's Degree Program is organized taking into account the three basic areas of Mathematics: Algebra, Analysis and Geometry/Topology.

In order to obtain the title of Master, the student must meet the following requirements:

- Obtain 32 credits in graduate courses (approximately eight courses). From the 32 credits, 24 must be obtained in six from the elective courses, two in each of the three areas: Algebra, Analysis and Geometry/Topology.

- Pass the foreign language proficiency exam.

- Pass the Master's Qualification Exam (EQM), which consists of three written tests, whose contents are contained in the programs of the courses: MM719 (Linear Algebra), MM720 (Analysis in the R(n)), MM723 (General Topology). The EQM is offered twice a year: in July and December.

- Elaborate and defend the Master's Dissertation.


The deadline for conclusion of the program is three years.