Third Workshop on Nonlinear Dispersive Equations

08 to 10 November 2017

IMECC-UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil




Scientific Program

Practical Information

Scientific committee

Jerry Bona - UIC, USA

Thierry Cazenave - UPMC, France

Gustavo Ponce - UCSB, USA

Jean-Claude Saut - U. Paris-Sud, France

Marcia Scialom - UNICAMP, Brazil

Organizing Committee

Jaime Angulo - USP, Brazil

Felipe Linares - IMPA, Brazil

Mahendra Panthee - UNICAMP, Brazil

Ademir Pastor - UNICAMP, Brazil



Scientific Program

Practical Information




For detailed information please send e-mail to or contact any member of the organizing committee.

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This is the third Workshop on nonlinear dispersive equations to be held in the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computation (IMECC), State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil, from 8 to 10 November 2017.

Study of nonlinear dispersive equations has been very active in recent time. In Brazil, this field of research was introduced in mid 80's at the Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA) and has been increasing since then. Various researchers in several universities and research centers in Brazil are working very actively in this area with important contributions in the international level.

The objective of this third Workshop is to bring together national and foreign researchers working in this area so as to strengthen and promote recent activities among senior and young researchers including post-graduate students.


Invited Speakers

Miguel Alejo, Brazil

Jerry Bona, USA

Roberto Capistrano, Brazil

Xavier Carvajal, Brazil

Marcio Cavalcante, Brazil

Adan Corcho, Brazil

Luca Fanelli, Italy

Nataly Goloshchapova, Brazil

Luis Gustavo Farah, Brazil

Carlos Guzman, Brasil

Pedro Isaza, Colombia

José Manuel Jiménez, Colombia

Claudio Muñoz, Chile

Fabio Natali, Brazil

Masahito Ohta, Japan

Ademir Pazoto, Brazil

Didier Pilod, Brazil

Gustavo Ponce, USA

Svetlana Roudenko, USA

Luis Vega, Spain

Stéphane Vento, France




Scientific Program

Practical Information