(Some Useful Files)

Last modified: 23, December 2020.

GNU Octave/MATLAB Source Codes

  1. The Julia Language source-codes of some hypercomplex-valued exponential correlation neural networks (ECNNs) as described in the paper "Hypercomplex-Valued Recurrent Correlation Neural Networks" by Marcos Eduardo Valle and Rodolfo Lobo. The Jupyter-notebooks of the computational experiments are also available in this repository. See the journal paper: Hypercomplex-Valued Recurrent Correlation Neural Networks.

  2. GNU Octave Source Codes for the Quaternionic Recurrent Correlation Neural Networks (QRCNNs) at Ocean Code. See the conference paper: Quaternionic Recurrent Correlation Neural Networks.

  3. GNU Octave Source Codes for classifiers based on projection autoassociative morphological memories (PAMMs). See the journal paper: Max-plus and min-plus projection autoassociative morphological memories and their compositions for pattern classification.

  4. GNU Octave Source Codes for Quaternionic Hopfield Networks on Unit Quaternions. See the journal paper: On the Dynamics of Hopfield Neural Networks on Unit Quaternions.

  5. GNU Octave/MATLAB subroutine implementing the shperical CIELab erosion, dilation, opening, closing, and the achromatic morphological gradient for color image processing and analysis. The zip file also contains some examples. See the journal paper: Mathematical Morphology on the Spherical CIELab Quantale with an Application in Color Image Boundary Detection.

  6. GNU Octave Source Codes for the Morphological Perceptron with Competive Layer Trained by Genetic Algorithm. See the conference paper: A Brief Account on Morphological Perceptron with Competitive Layer Trained by a Certain Genetic Algorithm. To check the codes, try to execute ">>> Example_iris" or ">>> Example_ripley".

  7. MATLAB Source Codes and Data for the Speaker Recognition Problem. See the conference paper: Fuzzy Associative Memories Based on Subsethood and Similarity Measures with Applications to Speaker Identification.

  8. MATLAB Source Codes used in my Doctorate Thesis (in Portuguese).

  9. MATLAB Source Codes used in my Master Thesis (in Portuguese).

  10. MATLAB Source Code for the Single Layer Morphological Perceptrons (SLMP).

  11. MATLAB Source Code for the Morphological/Rank/Linear Neural Networks (MRL-NN).

  12. MATLAB Source Code for the Fuzzy Lattice Neural Network (FLNN).