There will be an Algebra Conference, just after our Brazilian Algebra Meeting:

Colloquium on Algebras and Representations

A gathering in Córdoba to discuss the most recent developments in Hopf algebras, tensor categories and related structures.

December 10 - 14, 2018
Casa Serrana - Huerta Grande
Córdoba, Argentina

Rua Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, 651
Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz"
Distr. Barão Geraldo - Campinas/SP
CEP 13083-859

The Unicamp campus is placed in the Barão Geraldo district, in the north-east region of Campinas. The campus is named after its founder, Zeferino Vaz, who conceived it ans saw its "birth" in OCtober 5th, 1966. It is 12km far from the city center and it can be accessed from the Campinas-Paulínia road (SP-332), passing through the district of Barão Geraldo or through the Rodovia D. Pedro I.

More information about the campus can be found at this link and an interactive map of the campus can be found at this link.

Download a map of the campus here.

Restaurants in Barão Geraldo

Here you can find some suggestions about where to eat in Barão Geraldo.

Here you can find some useful tips concerning your coming to Campinas.


Entry visas for Brazil are not required for short tourism and business trips by citizens of most countries in South and Central America, and Europe, as well as nationals from South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia and several other countries. Citizens from Mercosul countries may enter Brazil with a recent official identification document from their home country in lieu of a passport. Entry visas for visiting Brazil are currently required from citizens from Australia, Canada, Haiti, the United States of America, most countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania, and several other countries. A complete list of nationalities that need visas is available from this link. You can also find the list of the nationals who can obtain an e-visa.
Each participant is supposed to make their own arrangements for obtaining Brazilian entry clearance if necessary. In case of doubt please contact the nearest Brazilian consulate. (For a list of the consulates and their contact information look at the following web page.)

How to apply for a Brazilian visa
These are the general rules. If you do need a visa please contact the nearest Brazilian consulate. You need to submit a visa application through this website.
Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your arrival date in Brazil.
In case the Brazilian authorities request letters of invitation from the organizers of the Algebra Meeting please let us know (sending an e-mail to: We shall send you the necessary letter.
One may want to check the Impa web site for information about Brazilian entry visas:

Vaccinations recommendations for international travelers:
The common vaccines are needed here as elsewhere. There is no yellow fever epidemic in Campinas nevertheless a vaccination against it is recommended for international visitors, especially if you are planning to travel around Brazil before or after the meeting.


GRU - Guarulhos International Airport

Hosts domestic and international flights.
Website of the airport
GRU Airport (also known as Cumbica) is the largest international airport in Brazil. It is located some 140 km (90 mi) far from our Campus. There is a very convenient shuttle bus from the airport to Campinas Bus Station that can be taken at Terminal 2 of the airport.
Please note that most of the international arrivals are on Terminal 3 of the airport. There is a free shuttle service among the terminals. You can take that free shuttle to Terminal 2. Then look for the ticket office of Lira Bus (VB Transportation), it is located next to the entrance D of Terminal 2, ground level. You can check the timetable at
(and choose Cumbica). Buy your ticket at the office (they accept cash and credit cards).
Fare to Campinas Bus Station: Reais 36,00
Timetable as of now: (takes approximately 2 hours)
Cumbica to Campinas (Lira bus): 6h30, 8h00, 9h00, 10h30, 12h00, 14h00, 16h00, 17h30, 18h45, 20h00, 21h30, 23h00, 00h30.
From the Bus Station to Barão Geraldo District (where the School/Workshop Venue is located) it is recommended to take a cab (see Taxi and related services).

CGH - São Paulo/Congonhas Airport

Mainly domestic flights.
Website of the airport
CGH Airport connects São Paulo to the other main cities, including Campinas. There is the following direct shuttle line from the airport to Campinas Bus Station:
Company: VB Transportation (Lira Bus)
Bus fare to Campinas Bus Station: Reais 31,00
Time schedule (as of now):
Congonhas to Campinas (Lira Bus): 7h00, 9h00, 12h00, 14h30, 15h00, 17h30, 20h30, 23h15.
You can see the actual timetable from
(choosing Congonhas).
From the Bus Station to Barão Geraldo District (where the School/Workshop Venue is located) it is recommended to take a cab (see Taxi and related services).

VCP – Campinas/Viracopos International Airport

Domestic and a few international flights.
Website of the airport
Viracopos International Airport is connected to the major cities in the metropolitan area of Campinas via public transportation (Line 193 from the Airport to Campinas Central Bus Station and Line 331 from the Bus Station to Terminal Barão Geraldo, fare R$ 9,40 as of now). There is also a shuttle to the Central Bus Station downtown Campinas:
Company: VB Transportation (Lira Bus)
Bus fare to Campinas Bus Station: Reais 13,00
Time schedule:
Viracopos to Campinas: 05h45, 06h50, 08h00, 09h00, 10h15, 11h15, 13h00, 14h30, 16h00, 17h30, 19h00, 20h15, 21h45, 23h15, 00h30.
The actual timetable can be consulted at
(choosing Viracopos).
From the Bus Station to Barão Geraldo District (where the School/Workshop Venue is located) it is recommended to take a cab (see Taxi and related services).


The following suggested accommodations are located in Barão Geraldo District, if you desire any further options (downtown or closer neighborhoods), please contact the organizers.

- Pousada universitária (where students will be lodged): website.
- Casa do professor visitante: website.
- Hotel Matiz Barão Geraldo: website.
- Pousada Pé de Mamão: website.
- Pousada Nova Barão: website.
- Vitória Hotel Residence NewPort: website. Price: R$ 199,00 (US$ 61,00) for a standard twin room. This hotel is located in Cambuí, downtown Campinas, about 10km far from the university.

General Information

Official language
The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. English and Spanish are usually understood, and sometimes spoken, in airports, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants.

Time zone
The time zone for Campinas is GMT - 3:00. Please note that in December the DST (daylight saving time) will be in effect, so it will be GMT -2:00.

The weather in Campinas is tropical of altitude. Campinas is located some 680 metres (2050 ft) above the sea level. The distance to the Tropic Line is around 65 km (40 mi). (One can pay attention to the traffic signs while in the shuttle from Cumbica or Congonhas airports, just after leaving the city of Sao Paulo: there will be a large sign "Here you cross the tropic line".) The weather in December is usually warm. The mean temperature should be around 24 C (75 F), with mean maximal around 29.5 C (85 F), and mean minimal around 19 C (66 F). One can expect some warmer spells where the maximal temperatures can reach around 34 or 35 C (93 to 95 F). December is the rainy season, with expected monthly rainfall around 200 mm (8 in).
Anyway some light sweater would be recommended (and sufficient), as well as an umbrella. The rainfall tends to be heavy but concentrated in the late afternoon, so we would recommend when it rains simply to wait for half an hour and then go outside of a cover.

The official currency of Brazil is the Real, plural reais (BRL or R$). The exchange of money and traveler checks can be done at banks and travel agencies. One can use most of the bank terminals in order to get some cash – they usually accept all major credit cards. In most of the restaurants and shops credit cards are accepted as well.

Mains Electricity
The standard voltage in Campinas is 110 - 120 volts. Some buildings (including several hotels) have additional 220-volt power plugs, as a rule clearly marked. The current standard for power outlets in Brazil looks like this (please do not ask us why):
There are few of these outlets in our building though. We shall be able to provide a limited number of adapters (depending on how many we can scratch from our drawers). In our building one can find many outlets suitable for the US standard, and also for the European one (two round sticks).

Taxis and related services
Regular cabs offer rides charged by the meter, except for certain rides starting from local airports and most taxi drivers only accept direct payment in cash. Mobile apps such as 99 Taxi, Uber and Cabify allow the payment via preregistered credit card but also accept cash and credit cards.

Phone Service
The list of city codes, operator codes and country codes can be requested in the reception of a hotel.
Area Code for Campinas: 19
Country Code for Brazil: 55
National Long Distance Calls: 0 + operator code + city code + phone number
National Long Distance Collect Calls: 90 + operator code + city code + phone number
International Long Distance Calls: 00 + operator code + country code + city code + phone number
0800 Calls: Call the desired number

Emergency Numbers
Police: 190
First Aid: 192
Fire Department: 193