MATH AMSUD project: GS&MS 21-MATH-06 – 2021 & 2022

Abstract: This project proposes to advance in the research of several topics within the areas of differential and algebraic geometry and topology. The main objectives are (i) to understand special geometric structures on Riemannian manifolds, through their interplay with geometric flows and with complex algebraic geometry; and (ii) to focus on classical problems in algebraic geometry having moduli spaces as background. This proposal has both theoretical and example-oriented objectives, with, on the one hand, qualitative results and, on the other, the construction of explicit geometric structures.

Global coordinator: Viviana del Barco (delbarc at

Local coordinators:


Main activity 2021 : A conference will be held in Córdoba, Argentina, by the end of the year.

Main activity 2022 : A conference will be held in Brest, France.

Expected member mobilities 2021: See table

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