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Eduardo Abreu, PhD

Professor MS3.2 of Department of Applied Mathematics

at University of Campinas – UNICAMP

Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing – IMECC

Address: IMECC - UNICAMP – Rua Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, 651

13083-859, Campinas, SP, Brasil – Office 114 – email: eabreu (@) ime.unicamp.br

I am a mathematician with focus in applied and computational mathematics. My

research interests include theory, modeling, numerical methods for differential

equations and simulation of multiscale multiphysics complex systems.

Research Interests:

* Flow in Porous Media and Hydrodynamic Models

* Balance Laws and Hyperbolic Systems of Conservations Laws, Riemann Problems

* Numerical Analysis and Weak Asymptotic Methods of Differential Equations

* Computational Fluid Dynamics (Conservative Methods: Finite Volume and Finite Volume)

My current research is supported through the projects by CNPq Universal, FAPESP and Petrobras, that are concerned with selected

questions of the theory, numerics and applications for nonstandard partial differential equations modeling porous media flows as oil

energy resource as well as the numerical treatment of a number of partial differential equations of hydrodynamic origin, including

surface quasi-geostrophic type-models and shallow watter equations.

Current and recent past projects:

• FAPESP (2016/23374-1) - 2017-2019: Conservation laws, balance laws and related PDEs with discontinuous and nonlocal fluxes

In applied sciences: numerical analysis, theory and applications (Leis de conservação, leis de equilíbrio e EDPs relacionadas com

fluxos descontínuos e não locais em ciências aplicadas: análise numérica, teoria e aplicações)

• Petrobras (2015/00398-0) - 2017-2020: Multi-Scale Methods for Numerical Simulation of Oil Reservoirs (Métodos

Multi-Escala para a Simulação Numérica de Reservatórios de Petróleo)

• CNPq Universal (445758/2014-7) - 2014-2017: Numerical mathematics for the approximation of solutions of partial differential

equations in multiphase models with discontinuous flow functions (Matemática numérica para aproximação de soluções de

equações diferenciais parciais em modelos multifásicos com funções de fluxo descontínuas)