January 19th to 30th 2015 - Campinas, Brazil

SP Coding and Information School

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SP Coding and Information School

The SPCodingSchool is a two week long school on coding and information theory which will be held in Brazil in January 2015. Leading researchers in the area will give both introductory courses (during the first week) and advanced courses (in the second one). The introductory courses are aimed to students that have consistent mathematical background but are not necessarily acquainted with coding and information theory. Besides the mini-courses and selected lectures, participants will be enrolled as teams in research problems that will be presented in advance.

Mini courses and tutorials given by:

Alexander Barg (University of Maryland)

Alex Sprinton (Texas A&M, US)

Amin Shokrollahi (Kandou Bus and EPFL - Switzerland)

Chandra Nair (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Danilo Silva (UFSC - Brazil)

Henk Van Tilborg (TUE - Nederlands)

Jean-Claude Belfiore (Télécom Paris Tech - France)

João Barros (Universidade do Porto - Portugal)

Max Costa (Unicamp - Brazil)

Michelle Effros (Caltech - United States)

Ninoslav Marina (Haute Ecole ARC - Switzerland)

Paulo S. L. M. Barreto(University of São Paulo - Brazil)

Ram Zamir (Tel Aviv University - Israel)

Reginaldo Palazzo Jr. (Unicamp - Brazil)

Rudiger Urbanke (EPFL - Switzerland)

Sueli I. R. Costa (Unicamp - Brazil)

Valdemar C. da Rocha Jr. (UFPE - Brazil)

Organizing and Scientific Committee:

Marcelo Firer (IMECC - UNICAMP) - Chair

Cristiano Torezzan (FCA - UNICAMP) - Co-Chair

Edson Donizete de Carvalho (FEIS - UNESP)

Jaime Portugheis (FT - UNICAMP)

João Eloir Strapasson (FCA - UNICAMP)

Manish Sharma (EEC - ITA)

Marcelo Silva Pinho (EEC - ITA)

Murilo Bellezoni Loiola (UFABC)

Max Costa (FEEC - UNICAMP)

Reginaldo Palazzo Jr. (FEEC - UNICAMP)

Sueli I. R. Costa (IMECC - UNICAMP)

Local team:

Antonio Campello

Christiane Rodrigues

Jerry Pinheiro

Rafael Lucas D'Oliveira

Roberto Machado


Akemi Miyamoto

Cintya Wink

Elen Pereira

Giselle Ribeiro

Maiara Bollauf

Marcos Spreafico


Who are the students at the SPCodingSchool?

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The school's schedule is now available here. The student's presentations schedule is available here.

Promoting the SPCodingSchool

Help us promote the SPCodingSchool. You can download our poster and flyer.
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SPCodingSchool at ITA

Registration to the SPCodingSchool starts today with its promotion at Information Theory and Applications Workshop, in San Diego, CA.

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Applications are open untill September 20th, 2014. Do it in advance, since financial support demands documents to be uploaded. Notifications are expected by October 1st, 2014.
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Financial support

Up to 90 selected students will be fully supported (flight ticket plus generous expenses) through a grant given by Fapesp, the Science Foundation of the State of São Paulo.


University of Campinas - Unicamp, Brazil


January 19, 2015 to January 30, 2015 (2 weeks long).


Graduate students in Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. A small amount of grants may be given to advanced undergraduates and fresh doctors.


Participants will be presented to many student and career options, including the possibilities of post-doc grants.

Contact Us

Contact us at spcodingschool@ime.unicamp.br