Dissertations: Professional Master Program

Below you will find the dissertations of the Professional Master's in Applied Mathematics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Rogerio Carvalho Mendes Tavora Groups visiting the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras : a case study of the travelling salesman problem Professional Master 01/07/2011
Vanessa de Carvalho Alves Soares Application of the problem portfolio optimization Professional Master 01/07/2011
Frederico Fontes Staib Application of Grobner bases in graph k-coloring Professional Master 12/03/2010
Armando Staib Hyperbolic geometry : a proposal for the development of activities using the software NonEuclid Professional Master 11/22/2010
Richard De Souza Costa A study of differential equations applied to the flexion of beams Professional Master 10/04/2010
Carlos Alberto Sassi Performance of quasi-Newton methods Professional Master 10/04/2010
Heron Silva Oliveira Introduction to the arbitrary order calculus Professional Master 09/30/2010
Ben Hur Mormêllo The teaching of mathematics at the Royal Military Academy of Rio de Janeiro, 1811-1874 Professional Master 08/18/2010
Ricardo Alexandre Alves Pereira Elements of linear programming : optimality conditions and Farka's lemma Professional Master 07/29/2010
Fábio Silva Melo Theory of curves for non-euclidean metrics Professional Master 06/28/2010
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