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Ricardo Miranda Martins

Assistant Professor Doctor

IMECC, office 335
Phone +55 19 3521-6028

E-mail: email

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Current semester (2014.1)

Coordenador do PROFMAT - Mestrado Profissional em Matemática em Rede Nacional (para o site do PROFMAT no IMECC, clique aqui)

Membro da Comissão de Informática do DM e do IMECC

Membro do Conselho do DM/IMECC

Membro da Coordenação do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Matemática do IMECC


The Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems is my main research area, in special Reversible-Equivariant and Non-Smooth DS.

Curriculum vitae

Currículo Lattes (a kind of official curriculum for funding agencies in Brazil)

More sites: Google Scholar, Researcher ID

Publication list

  1. R. M. Martins, A. C. Mereu, Limit cycles in discontinuous classical Lienard equations, to appear in Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications (2014)

  2. R. M. Martins, M. A. Teixeira, Minimal sets in double-perturbed differential equations. to appear in Houston Journal of Mathematics (2015).

  3. R. M. Martins, Formal Equivalence Between Normal Forms of Reversible and Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems. Communications in Pure and Applied Analysis,  13(2) (2014) 703--703.

  4. A. L. A. Araújo, R. M. Martins, Existence of periodic solutions for a nonautonomous differential equation. Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society Simon Stevin 19 (2012) 305--310.

  5. L. Grama, R. M. Martins, Global behavior of the Ricci flow on homogeneous manifolds with two isotropy summands. Indagationes Mathematicae 23 (2012) 95--104.

  6. J. Llibre, R. M. Martins, M. A. Teixeira, On the birth of minimal sets for perturbed reversible vector fields. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series A 31(3) (2011) 763--777.

  7. R. M. Martins, M. A. Teixeira, Reversible-equivariant systems and matricial equations. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 83(2) (2011) 375--390.

  8. R. M. Martins, M. A. Teixeira, On the Similarity of Hamiltonian and Reversible Vector Fields in 4D. Communications in Pure and Applied Analysis, 10(4) (2011) 1257--1266.

  9. A. Jacquemard, R. M. Martins, Solução de sistemas algébricos e aplicações em teoria de singularidades. Revista Matemática Universitária 47 (2009) (Printed in December/2010).

  10. J. Llibre, R. M. Martins, M. A. Teixeira, Periodic orbits, invariant tori and cylinders of Hamiltonian systems near integrable ones having a return map equal to the identity. J. Math. Phys. 51, 082704 (2010).

  11. L. Grama, R. M. Martins, The Ricci flow of left invariant metrics on full flag manifold SU(3)/T from a dynamical systems point of view. Bull. Sci. math. 133 (5) (2009) 463 -- 469.


R. M. Martins, R. D. S. Oliveira, A. C. Mereu,  An estimative for the number of limit cycles in a Li\'enard-like perturbation of a quadratic non-linear center. Preprint (2014)

M. F. S. Lima, R. M. Martins,  Limit cycles for a class of non-linear planar non-smooth vector fields. Preprint (2013)

marco lino azeite az llibre regilene

Current students:

Anna Paula Machado
Fernando Gouveia
Kamila Andrade
(co-advisor, PhD)
Thais Damacena
(co-advisor, PhD)

Otávio Marçal
Paulo Malta

Former students:

André Spina
Guilherme Tavares


My Ërdos number is 3 (Martins -> Llibre -> Grünbaum -> Erdös).

foto-aula-ga In 2013, my undergraduate lectures on "Vectors and Analytic Geometry" were recorded by my university, and are on Youtube: click here to see.

Honorable Mention in the Prêmio Capes de Teses, for my PhD thesis (2012)

Prize "Concurso de Teses Marechal-do-Ar Casimiro Montenegro Filho 2011'', awarded by the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs, a body of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil.

Gold Medal in the "II Jornadas de IC do IMPA" for my undergraduate research project “Algorithms for Associative and Lie Algebras” (2005). (award ceremony in 2007)

Downloads: PhD Thesis, MSc Thesis, Undergraduate Research Report


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Lab of Control and Dynamical Systems - IMECC
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Postal address:

Rua Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, 651
Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz"
Campinas - SP