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Non-locality is the presence of strong correlations between spatially separated parts of a system — so strong that they can are not allowed by classical theories. Surprisingly, they are possible in quantum systems, thus putting a clear divide between the classical and quantum worlds. Our group is interested in all theoretical aspects of non-locality, and particularly in understanding how and when it can be observed.

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Imagine nonlocality without the need for parts. This is contextuality, the most surprising treat of quantum theory. It appears when probabilistic descriptions of subcollections of variables can not be extended to a consistent probabilistic description of the full collection.

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Can nature be even more weird than quantum? If so, what physical principles underlie such weirdness? The Generalized Probabilistic Theories framework provides an unified description of quantum, classical and many other theories, allowing to tackle those and other exciting questions, while providing alternative ways to understand quantum theory itself.

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