Marcelo Terra Cunha


Professor in Mathematical Physics at Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Unicamp, the same institution from where he got a B.Sc (1994) and M.Sc. (1997) on Physics. Ph.D. on Physics from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2005), where he has been Associate Professor (1997-2015, under distinct levels in Brazilian career), Marcelo has spent 2006 as a pos-doc at Leeds group, under Prof. Vlatko Vedral. Marcelo’s major research interest runs from Entanglement characterization and applications, besides other forms of correlation, to Foundations of Quantum Physics, including nonlocality and contextuality. Marcelo is a founding member of EnLight (Entanglement and Quantum Properties of Light) and MathFoundQ (Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory) research groups, as well as the research network SPIN off QuBIT (São Paulo Integration and Nucleation of future Quantum Based Information Technology). He has been an Affiliated Member of Brazilian Academy of Science, and an Associate Member of International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Marcelo has published more than 50 scientific papers, with about 60 coauthors and has received more than 700 citations according to ISI and more than 1300 according to Google Scholar. He is also the (co-)author of two books, published by IMPA and one by Springer. He has supervised eleven MSc and six PhD students, besides two post-docs, and currently he is the supervisor of four PhD, one MSc, and three high school project students. Marcelo was the Dean of Graduate Studies in Mathematics at UFMG. He is the Head of the Applied Math Department at Unicamp.