Carlos de Gois


I am a Physics M.Sc. candidate at University of Campinas, where I also got my Physics B.Sc. I study quantum correlations/device independent quantum information, and I’m currently interested in classicality in prepare-and-measure, EPR steering and Bell non-locality scenarios. I frequently make use of convex optimization, and have a general interest in computational tools. Most of the time I write code in Python + NumPy, MATLAB or Mathematica, but I also have some familiarity with C/C++ and Scheme. Further academic interests include quantum foundations (for instance, GPTs), all that could be said “quantum information”, algorithms (both classical and quantum), the theory of computation and quantum computing.

I am a member of MathFoundQ (Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory Group), GFSMC (Many-Body Physics Group @ DFMC-Unicamp) and INCT-IQ (National Institute for Science and Technology of Quantum Information).