TANGO: Trustable Algorithms for Nonlinear General Optimization.
TANGO is a set of Fortran routines for Optimization developed at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the State University of Campinas and at the Department of Computer Science of the University of São Paulo, under the coordination of Professor J. M. Martínez. The codes are easy to use and require minimum previous knowledge. On-line support is provided. The TANGO page.
LovoAlign: Software for performing protein structural aligment using Low Order Value Optimization Methods.
Home-page of LovoAlign
PACKMOL: Creates an initial point for molecular dynamics simulations by packing molecules with a specified minimum-atom distance.
Packmol's home-page
PUMA: Estimation of parameters of thin films using transmittance.
PUMA's home page.

ALGENCAN: See TANGO project.

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