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I am a Brazilian mathematician working at the Institute of Mathematics in Unicamp, University of Campinas, SP, Brazil. I am a principal investigator in research group GTAG - Gauge theory and algebraic geometry, led by Professor Marcos Jardim.

I study gauge theory over manifolds with special holonomy, particularly G2-manifolds. Related themes include asymptotically cylindrical Calabi-Yau geometry and nonlinear parabolic flows. I am generally interested in moduli problems of differential/ algebraic/ complex geometry and corresponding analytical methods; as well as applications to String/M-theory.

I have also done some collaborative work on Cartan decompositions applied to quantum information theory, geometry of surfaces applied to spectrometer designs, construction of spherical codes, and thermodynamics applied to ecological economics.

Besides mathematics, I am mostly involved with ecosocialism and Aikido.

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selected mathematical research

(last updated May 2022)

S. Dwivedi,
E. Loubeau,
H.N. Sá Earp
Harmonic flow of Spin(7)-structures arXiv:2109.06340 [math.DG]
to appear in Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Classe di Scienze
A. Moreno &
H.N. Sá Earp
The Weitzenbock formula for the Fueter-Dirac operator
Communications in Analysis and Geometry 30 (1)
arXiv:1701.06061 [math.DG]
J.D. Lotay,
H.N. Sá Earp

& J. Saavedra
Flows of G2-structures on contact Calabi--Yau 7-manifolds Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry
arXiv: 2111.01841 [math.DG]

E. Loubeau,
A. Moreno,
H.N. Sá Earp
& J. Saavedra

Harmonic Sp(2)-invariant G2-structures on the 7-sphere

Journal of Geometric Analysis 32, 240
arXiv:2103.11552 [math.DG]
G. Menet,
J. Nordström &
H.N. Sá Earp
Construction of G2-instantons via twisted connected sums Mathematical Research Letters 28 (2)
arXiv:1510.03836 [math.AG]

J.D. Lotay &
H.N. Sá Earp

The heterotic G2 system on contact Calabi--Yau 7-manifolds

arXiv:2101.06767 [math.DG] 2021

S.I. Costa,
H.K. Miyamoto & H.N. Sá Earp

Constructive spherical codes by Hopf foliations

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
arXiv:2008.10728 [cs.IT]
A. Moreno &
H.N. Sá Earp
Explicit Soliton for the Laplacian
Co-Flow on a
São Paulo J. Math. Sci. 15, 280–292 (2021)
arXiv:1902.02874 [math.DG]
H.N. Sá Earp Current progress on G2-instantons over twisted connected sums
in Fields Institute Communications 84:
"Lectures and Surveys on G2 manifolds and related topics"

arXiv:1812.04664 [math.DG]
O. Calvo-Andrade,
L. Rodriguez &
H.N. Sá Earp
Gauge theory and G2 geometry on Calabi-Yau links Revista Matematica Iberoamericana 36 (6)
arXiv:1606.09271 [math.DG]
E. Loubeau &
H.N. Sá Earp
Harmonic flow of geometric structures
arXiv:1907.06072 [math.DG] 2019
L. Portilla &
H.N. Sá Earp
Instantons on Sasakian 7-manifolds
arXiv:1906.11334 [math.DG]

A. Jacob, 
H.N. Sá Earp &
T. Walpuski
Tangent cones of Hermitian Yang-Mills connections with isolated singularities Mathematical Research Letters 25 (5)
arXiv:1610.08283 [math.DG]
G. Menet,
M. Jardim,
D. Prata &
H.N. Sá Earp
Holomorphic bundles for higher dimensional gauge theory Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 49 (1)
arXiv:1109.2750 [math.AG]
H.N. Sá Earp &
T. Walpuski
G2-instantons on twisted connected sums Geometry & Topology 19, 1263-1285
arXiv:1310.7933v1 [math.DG]
H.N. Sá Earp G2-instantons over asymptotically cylindrical manifolds Geometry & Topology 19, 61-111
arXiv:1101.0880v3 [math.DG]
H.N. Sá Earp Generalised Chern-Simons theory and G2-instantons over associative fibrations SIGMA 10, 083
arXiv:1401.5462 [math.DG]
H.N. Sá Earp Instantons on G2-manifolds PhD thesis
Imperial College London

interdisciplinary research

H.N. Sá Earp,
V. Sicca &
B.B. Kyotoku
Non-Euclidean ideal spectrometry Brazilian Journal of Physics 46 2016
A.R. Romeiro &
H.N. Sá Earp
The Entropy Law and the impossibility of perpetual economic growth Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 5, 641-650
arXiv:1309.2274 [physics.soc-ph]
H.N. Sá Earp &
J.K. Pachos
A constructive algorithm for the Cartan decomposition of SU(2^N) Journal of Mathematical Physics 46 (1)

Prof. Henrique N. Sá Earp


Prof. Henrique N. Sá Earp
Sala 334

Imecc - Unicamp
Rua Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, 651
Cidade Universitária
13083-859, Campinas-SP

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