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Entity nameDescriptive codeNumeric codeCharacter
Set symbols
complex numbersℂ
integer numbersℤ
natural numbersℕ
rational numbersℚ
real numbersℝ
Latin extended-B
latin small f with hookfnofƒƒ
Greek letters
greek capital letter alphaAlphaΑΑ
greek capital letter betaBetaΒΒ
greek capital letter gammaGammaΓΓ
greek capital letter deltaDeltaΔΔ
greek capital letter epsilonEpsilonΕΕ
greek capital letter zetaZetaΖΖ
greek capital letter etaEtaΗΗ
greek capital letter thetaThetaΘΘ
greek capital letter iotaIotaΙΙ
greek capital letter kappaKappaΚΚ
greek capital letter lambdaLambdaΛΛ
greek capital letter muMuΜΜ
greek capital letter nuNuΝΝ
greek capital letter xiXiΞΞ
greek capital letter omicronOmicronΟΟ
greek capital letter piPiΠΠ
greek capital letter rhoRhoΡΡ
greek capital letter sigmaSigmaΣΣ
greek capital letter tauTauΤΤ
greek capital letter upsilonUpsilonΥΥ
greek capital letter phiPhiΦΦ
greek capital letter chiChiΧΧ
greek capital letter psiPsiΨΨ
greek capital letter omegaOmegaΩΩ
greek small letter alphaalphaαα
greek small letter betabetaββ
greek small letter gammagammaγγ
greek small letter deltadeltaδδ
greek small letter epsilonepsilonεε
greek small letter zetazetaζζ
greek small letter etaetaηη
greek small letter thetathetaθθ
greek small letter iotaiotaιι
greek small letter kappakappaκκ
greek small letter lambdalambdaλλ
greek small letter mumuμμ
greek small letter nunuνν
greek small letter xixiξξ
greek small letter omicronomicronοο
greek small letter pipiππ
greek small letter rhorhoρρ
greek small letter final sigmasigmafςς
greek small letter sigmasigmaσσ
greek small letter tautauττ
greek small letter upsilonupsilonυυ
greek small letter phiphiφφ
greek small letter chichiχχ
greek small letter psipsiψψ
greek small letter omegaomegaωω
greek small letter theta symbolthetasymϑϑ
greek upsilon with hook symbolupsihϒϒ
greek pi symbolpivϖϖ
General punctuation
bullet = black small circlebull•
horizontal ellipsis = three dot leaderhellip…
prime = minutes = feetprime′
double prime = seconds = inchesPrime″
overline = spacing overscoreoline‾
fraction slashfrasl⁄
Letterlike symbols
script capital P = power set = Weierstrass pweierp℘
blackletter capital I = imaginary partimageℑ
blackletter capital R = real part symbolrealℜ
trade mark signtrade™
alef symbol = first transfinite cardinalalefsymℵ
leftwards arrowlarr←
upwards arrowuarr↑
rightwards arrowrarr→
downwards arrowdarr↓
left right arrowharr↔
downwards arrow with corner leftwards = carriage returncrarr↵
leftwards double arrowlArr⇐
upwards double arrowuArr⇑
rightwards double arrowrArr⇒
downwards double arrowdArr⇓
left right double arrowhArr⇔
Mathematical operators
for allforall∀
partial differentialpart∂
there existsexist∃
empty set = null set = diameterempty∅
nabla = backward differencenabla∇
element ofisin∈
not an element ofnotin∉
contains as memberni∋
n-ary product = product signprod∏
n-ary sumationsum∑
minus signminus−
asterisk operatorlowast∗
square root = radical signradic√
proportional toprop∝
logical and = wedgeand∧
logical or = veeor∨
intersection = capcap∩
union = cupcup∪
tilde operator = varies with = similar tosim∼
approximately equal tocong≅
almost equal to = asymptotic toasymp≈
not equal tone≠
identical toequiv≡
less-than or equal tole≤
greater-than or equal toge≥
subset ofsub⊂
superset ofsup⊃
not a subset ofnsub⊄
subset of or equal tosube⊆
superset of or equal tosupe⊇
circled plus = direct sumoplus⊕
circled times = vector productotimes⊗
up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicularperp⊥
dot operatorsdot⋅
Miscellaneous technical
left ceiling = apl upstilelceil⌈
right ceilingrceil⌉
left floor = apl downstilelfloor⌊
right floorrfloor⌋
left-pointing angle bracket = bralang〈
right-pointing angle bracket = ketrang〉
Geometric shapes
Miscellaneous symbols
black spade suitspades♠
black club suit = shamrockclubs♣
black heart suit = valentinehearts♥
black diamond suitdiams♦
one quarter¼¼
one half½½
three quarters¾¾