Seminário de Sistemas Dinâmicos e Estocásticos

Departamento de Matemática - IMECC – UNICAMP

Próximo seminário 28 de novembro de 2014

14:00hs:  Wladimir Neves (UFRJ)

Título: Stochastic transport equation in bounded domains.


This talk is concerned with the initial-boundary value problems for stochastic transport equation in bounded domains. For a given stochastic perturbation of the drift vector field, and the initial-boundary data in $L^\infty$, we prove existence and uniqueness of weak $L^\infty$ solutions with non-regular coefficients. The existence result, which is by no means a trivial adaptation, relies on a strong stochastic trace theorem established in this paper. Moreover, the uniqueness of weak solutions is obtained under suitable conditions, which allow vacuum. Joint work with: Christian Olivera (Universidade Estadual de Campinas).

15:00hs:  Evgeniy Panov (Novgorod State University)

Título: One criterion of the renormalization property for generalized solutions of multidimensional transport equations with discontinuouscoefficients .


We study the renormalization property  for a multidimensional evolutionary transport equation with general solenoidal field of coefficients.It is shown that this property is equivalent to skew-selfadjointness of the corresponding divergence operator in the Hilbert space ofsquare-integrable functions.)

Local: Sala 321 - IMECC


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