Estimation in Generalized Log-gamma Regression Model for Interval-censored Data

Autor(es) e Instituição: 
Elizabeth M. Hashimoto - ESALQ/USP
Edwin M. M. Ortega - ESALQ/USP
Gauss M. Cordeiro - UFRPE
Vicente G. Cancho - ICMC/USP
Elizabeth Mie Hashimoto

Interval-censored survival data, in which the event of interest is not observed exactly but it is only known to occur within some time interval, appear very frequently. In this study, we shall be concerned only with parametric forms, so a location-scale regression model based on the generalized log-gamma distribution is proposed for modeling interval-censored data. We also show that the model proposed with interval-censored data is interesting as it represents a parametric family of models that has, as special sub-models, other regression models which are broadly used in lifetime data analysis. Assuming interval-censored data, we consider a frequentist analysis, a Jackknife estimator and non-parametric bootstrap, for the parameters of the model.

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