Relatório de pesquisa 23/08

Martingales on Principal Fiber Bundles, Pedro Catuogno and Simão Stelmastchuk, submitted  Oct. 13.

Let $P(M,G)$ be a principal fiber bundle, $\omega$ be a connection form on $P(M,G)$ and $\nabla^{P}$ be a projectable connection on $P(M,G)$. The aim of this work is determine the $\nabla^{P}$-martingales in  $P(M,G)$. Our results allow to establish new characterizations of harmonic maps from Riemannian manifolds to principal fiber bundles.

Mathematics Subject Classifications (2000):  60G48, 60H30, 53C43

martingales; principal fiber bundles; harmonic maps.

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rp23-08.pdf (PDF)

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October 13, 2008


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