Relatórios de Pesquisa de 2008 / Technical Reports, 2008

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01/08:  Entropy and Widths of Multiplier Operators on Two-Point Homogeneous Spaces, A. Kushpel and S. Tozoni, submitted January 2008.
02/08:  Modelos de Previsão Aplicados no Controle Estatístico de Processo na Presença de Dados Autocorrelacionados, Mário William Pessoa de Lima e Reinaldo Charnet, submitted February 2008.
03/08:  Symmetry Coefficients of Semilinear Partial Differential Equations, Igor Leite Freire and Antonio Carlos Gilli Martins, submitted March 2008.
04/08:  Branching of Periodic Orbits in Reversible Hamiltonian Systems, Claudio A. Bruzzi, Luci Any Roberto and Marco A. Teixeira, submitted March 2008.
05/08:  Pseudo Periodic Orbits of the Planar Collision Restricted 3-Body Problem in Rotating Coordinates, Jaume Llibre and Luci Any Roberto, submitted March 2008.
06/08:  Equação do Telégrafo Fracionária e as Funções de Mittag-Leffler, R. Figueiredo Camargo, Ary O. Chiacchio e E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted April 08.
07/08:  Group Classification of Burgers' Equations, Igor Leite Freire, submitted April 08.
08/08:  Correlates of Rhythm in Written Texts of Brazilian and European Portuguese, Antonio Galves, Charlotte Galves, Nancy Garcia and Claudia Peixoto, submitted April 08.
09/08:  The Probability Density Function to the Random Linear Transport Equation, L. T. Santos. F. A. Dorini and M. C. C. Cunha, submitted May 08.
10/08:  Asymptotic Robustness of Hotteling's Statistic, M. A. Gneri and E. Pimentel Barbosa, submitted May 28.
11/08:  Distribuições Subexponenciais: Introdução e Exemplos, Diego Fernando de Bernardini, submitted May 30.
12/08:  Fractional Term Structure Models: No-Arbitrage and Consistency, Alberto Ohashi, submitted June 10.
13/08:  Diagnostics analysis for skew normal regression models, C. S. Ferreira, H. Bolfarino, and F. V. Labra, submitted June 26.
14/08:  Spectral sequences in Conley's theory, O. Cornea, K. A. de Rezende, and M. R. da Silveira, submitted Aug. 18.
15/08:  Hopf bifurcation for vector fields in $R^4$ with pure imaginary eigenvalues in resonance 1:2 and 3:2, Jaume Llibre and Ana Cristina Mereu, submitted Sept. 04.
16/08:  Limit Cycles of the Generalized Polynomial Liénard Differential Equations, Jaume Llibre, Ana Cristina Mereu and Marco Antonio Teixeira, submitted Sept. 04.
17/08:  Bifurcation of Periodic Solutions for $C^5$ and $C^6$ Vector Fields in $R^4$ with Pure Imaginary Eigenvalues in Resonance 1:4 and 1:5, Jaume Llibre
and Ana Cristina Mereu
, submitted Sept. 04.
18/08:  Dynamical Spectral Sequences Over $Z_2$, K. A. de Rezende, and M. R. da Silveira, submitted Sept. 05.
19/08:  Orthogonal Developments on Compact Symmetric Homogeneous Manifolds of Rank 1, A. Kushpel, submitted Sept. 11.
20/08:  On Elliptic Problems Involving Critical Hardy-Sobolev Exponents and Sign-Changing Function, Rodrigo da Silva Rodrigues, submitted  Sept.12.
21/08:  One-Sided and Two-Sided Green´s Functions$^1$, R. Figueiredo Camargo, Ary O. Chiacchio and E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted  Oct. 06.
22/08:  Função de Green, Equações Integrais e o Oscilador Harmônico Fracionário, Ana L. Soubhia e E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted  Oct. 06.
23/08:  Martingales on Principal Fiber Bundles, Pedro Catuogno and Simão Stelmastchuk, submitted  Oct. 13.
24/08:  An Explicit Formula for a Boundary Map, Mari Sano, submitted  Oct. 20.
25/08:  On Estimation and Local Influence Analysis for Measurement Errors Models under Heavy-tailed Distributions, V. H. Lachos, T. Angolini, and C. A. Abanto-Valle, submitted  Nov. 28.
26/08:  Robust Linear Mixed Models with Skew-Normal Independent Distributions from a Bayesian Perspective,  Victor H. Lachos, Dipak K. Dey, and Vicente G. Cancho, submitted  Nov. 28.
27/08:  Robust Bayesian Analysis of Heavy-tailed Stochastic Volatility Models using Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions,  C. A. Abanto-Valle,  D. Bandyopadhyay, V. H. Lachos, and I. Enriquez, submitted  Nov. 28.
28/08:  Optimal Cubature Formulas on Compact Homogeneous Manifolds,  Alexander Kushpel, submitted  Dec. 03.
29/08:  On Some Fractional Green´s Functions,  R. Figueiredo Camargo, R. Charnet and E. Capelas de Oliveira, submitted  Dec. 18.

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