Relatórios de Pesquisa de 2005

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01/05:  A Bootstrap Test for the Expectation of Fuzzy Random Variables, M. D. Jiménez-Gamero, R. Pino-Mejías and M. A. Rojas-Medar, submitted 01/18.
02/05: Multiple Sign Changing Solutions to Semilinear Elliptic ProblemsFrancisco O. V. de Paiva, submitted 01/18.
03/05:  Asymptotically Linear Elliptic Problems in which the Nonlinearity Crosses at Least Two EigenvaluesFrancisco O. V. de Paiva, submitted 18/01
04/05:  Non-radially Symmetric Solutions for a Superlinear Ambrosetti-Prodi Type Problem in a BallDjairo G. de Figueiredo, P. N. Srikanth and Sanjiban Santra, submitted 01/31.
05/05:  Geometric Algebras,  A. M. Moya, V. V. Fernández and W. A. Rodrigues Jr, submitted 01/31.
06/05:  Metric and Gauge Extensors,  A. M. Moya, V. V. Fernández, and W. A. Rodrigues Jr, submitted 02/01.
07/05:  Extensors in Geometric Algebra,  A. M. Moya, V. V. Fernández and W. A. Rodrigues Jr, submitted 02/01.
08/05:  Multivector and Extensor Fields on Smooth Manifolds,  A. M. Moya, V. V. Fernández and W. A. Rodrigues Jr.,
submitted 02/01.
09/05:  Covariant Derivatives of Multivector and Extensor Fields,  A. M. Moya, V. V. Fernández and W. A. Rodrigues Jr.,
submitted 02/01.
10/05:  Metric Compatible Covariant Derivatives -  W.A. Rodrigues Jr., V.V. Fernández and A.M. Moya - 01/02
11/05:  Derivative Operators in Metric and Geometric Structures,  V. V. Fernández, A. M. Moya and W. A. Rodrigues Jr.,
submitted 02/01.
12/05:  Riemann and Ricci Fields in Geometric Structures,  V. V. Fernández, A. M. Moya, W. A. Rodrigues Jr. and R. Rocha,
submitted 02/01.
13/05:  Hidden Consequence of Active Local Lorentz Invariance,  W. A. Rodrigues Jr.,
R. da Rocha, and J. Vaz Jr., submitted 02/01.
14/05:  An Ambiguous Statement Called 'Tetrad Postulate' and the Correct Field Equations Satisfied by the Tetrad Fields,  Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr. and Quintino A. G. de Souza,
submitted 02/02.
15/05:  On Conformal d´Alembert-Like Equations,  E. Capelas de Oliveira and
R. da Rocha, submitted 02/03.
16/05:  Recurrent Neural Net Regression Models with Space-Varying Coefficients for Pedotransfer Function Estimation and Prediction of Soil Properties,  Daniel Takata Gomes, Emanuel Pimentel Barbosa and Luis Carlos Timm,
submitted 02/14.
17/05: Entropy and Widths of Multiplier Operators on Compact Globally Symmetric Spaces of Rank 1,  A. Kushpel and S. Tozoni,
submitted 02/15.
18/05: E a quadratura foi para o espaço ...Vera L. X. Figueiredo e Sandra A. Santos, submitted 02/20.
19/05: Projetos para o ensino de Cálculo Variacional, Gabriel Lima, Vera L. X. Figueiredo e Sandra A. Santos, submitted 02/20.
20/05: On Periodicity of Solutions for the Nonstationary Convection ProblemElder Jesús Villamizar Roa, submitted 03/16.
21/05: Linear Groups of Isometries with Poset StructuresLuciano Panek and Marcelo Firer, submitted 03/22.
22/05: A New Fatigue Life Model Based on the Family of Skew-elliptical Distributions, Filidor Vilca-Labra  and Victor Leiva Sanchez, submitted 04/01.
23/05: On the Fucík Spetrum for Elliptic SystemsEugenio Massa and Bernhard Ruf, submitted 04/06.
24/05: On the Number of Positive Solutions of a Critical Elliptic Equation in Divergence Form,  Giovany M. Figueiredo and Marcelo F. Furtado, submitted 04/13.
25/05: Nodal Solutions for a Nonhomogeneous Elliptic Equation with SymmetryMarcelo F. Furtado, submitted 04/13.
26/05: Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for a Class of Elliptic Equations in Divergence FormGiovany M. Figueiredo and Marcelo F. Furtado, submitted 04/13.
27/05: Spacetime Deformations and Electromagnetism in Material MediaR. da Rocha, Igor Leite Freire and Marcio Antonio de Faria Rosa, submitted 04/15.
28/05: Haar Wavelets Systems for Hedging Financial DerivativesPedro J. Catuogno, Sebastian E. Ferrando and Alfredo L. Gonzales, submitted 04/19.
29/05:  Stability of Periodic Travelling Wave Solutions for the Korteweg - de Vries Equation,  Lynnyngs Kelly Arruda, submitted 05/03.
30/05: Isolating blocks for Morse flowsM.A. Bertolim,    K.A. de RezendeO. Manzoli Neto, G.M. Vagosubmitted 05/03.
31/05: Invexity and the Kuhn-Tucker Theorem in the Continuous-time Context,  Valeriano A. de Oliveira and Marko A. Rojas-Medarsubmitted 05/20.
32/05: Decomposition of Fuzzy Sets and Multilinearization for the Extension Principle,  Y. Chalco-Cano, M.A. Rojas-Medar, Osvaldo R. Saavedra and H. Román-Flores, submitted 05/20.
33/05: Invariant Cones and Convex Sets for Bilinear Control Systems and Parabolic Type of Semigroups, Osvaldo G. do Rocio, Luiz A. B. San Martin and Alexandre J. Santana, submitted 06/05.
34/05: Semigroups in Symmetric Lie Groups, Laércio J. dos Santos and Luiz A. B. San Martin, submitted 06/05.
35/05: Nonsmooth Continuous-Time Multiobjective Optimization Problems,  L. Batista dos Santos, A.J.V. Brandão, R. Osuna-Gómez and Marko A. Rojas-Medarsubmitted 06/05.
36/05: Inference in the Grubbs Model Under Elliptical Distributions,  Filidor Vilca and Manuel Galea, submitted 06/05.
37/05: Dispersão de Poluentes em Sistemas Estuarinos: Modelo Matemático, Aproximação Numérica e Simulações, João Frederico C. A. Meyer and Geraldo L. Dinizsubmitted 07/05.
38/05: Tightness and Efficiency of Irreducible Automorphisms of Handlebodies, Leonardo Navarro Carvalhosubmitted 07/05.
39/05: Sufficient Conditions for Regularity and Uniqueness of a 3D Nematic Liquid Crystal Model,  F. Guillén-Gonzáles, M.A. Rodríguez-Bellido and M.A. Rojas Medarsubmitted 08/05.
40/05: Perturbative Self-Interacting Scalar Field Theory: A Differential Equation ApproachR. da Rocha, E. Capelas de Oliveira and C.H. Coimbra-Araújosubmitted 08/05.
41/05:  Lie Algebras with Complex Structures Having Nilpotent Eigenspaces, Edson Carlos Licurgo Santos and Luiz A. B. San Martinsubmitted 08/05.
42/05:  Influence Diagnostics in the Capital Asset Pricing Model Under Elliptical Distributions, Manuel Galea, José A. Díaz-García and Filidor Vilcasubmitted 09/05.
43/05:  Semiflows on Topological Spaces: Chain Transitivity and Semigroups, Mauro Patrão and Luiz A. B. San Martinsubmitted 09/05.
44/05:  Isolating Blocks for Periodic Orbits, M.A. Bertolim, K.A. de Rezende and O. Manzoli Netosubmitted 09/05.
45/05:  Busca Direta em Minimização Irrestrita, Lucas Garcia Pedroso and Maria Aparecida Diniz-Ehrhardtsubmitted 09/05.
46/05:  A Geometric Itô Formula, Pedro Catuognosubmitted 10/05.
47/05:  On Hermite Representation of Distributions and Products, Pedro Catuogno, Sandra Molina, Christian Olivera, submitted 10/05.
48/05:  Polynomial Identities of Algebras in Positive Characteristic, Sérgio Mota Alves and Plamen Koshlukovsubmitted 11/05.
49/05:  Theoretical Analysis and Control Results for the FitzHugh-Nagumo Equation, Paulo M. D. Magalhães, Adilson J. V. Brandão, Enrique Fernández-Cara  and Marko Antonio Rojas-Medarsubmitted 11/05.
50/05:  Regular Time-Reproductive Solutions for Generalized Boussinesq Model with Neumann Boundary Conditions for Temperature, B. Climent-Ezquerra, F. Guillén-González and M. A. Rojas-Medarsubmitted 11/05.
51/05:  Vanishing Viscosity for Non-Homogeneous Asymmetric Fluids in R^3P. Braz e Silva, E. Fernández-Cara and M. A. Rojas-Medarsubmitted 11/05.
52/05:  Nonsmooth Continuous-time Optimization Problems via Invexity, Adilson J. V. Brandão, Valeirano A. de Oliveira and Marko A. Rojas-Medarsubmitted 11/05.
53/05:  A Mathematical Analysis of an Optimal Control Problem for a Generalized Boussinesq Model for Viscous Incompressible Flows, J. L. Boldrini, E. Fernández-Cara and Marko A. Rojas-Medarsubmitted 11/05.
54/05:  The Heat Equation with Singular Nonlinearity and Singular Initial Data, M. Loayzasubmitted 11/05.
55/05:  Error Estimates for Semi-Galerkin Approximations of Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Fluids, P. Braz e Silva and  Marko A. Rojas-Medar, submitted 11/05.
56/05:  The Many Faces of Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein Equations. A Clifford Bundle Approach, Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr. and Edmundo Capelas de Oliveirasubmitted 11/05.
57/05:  A Classification of Automorphisms of Compact 3-Manifolds, Leonardo Navarro Carvalho and Ulrich Oertel, submitted 11/05.
58/05:  Formas Diferenciais em Eletrodinâmica, Igor Leite Freiresubmitted 12/05.
59/05:  The Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian Density in a 2-Dimensional Spacetime is an Exact Differential, Roldão da Rocha Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr., submitted 12/05.
60/05:  Morse Decomposition of Semiflows on Fiber Bundles, Mauro Patrão and Luiz A. B. San Martinsubmitted 12/05.
61/05:  Morse Decompositions of Semiflows on Topological SpacesMauro Patrãosubmitted 12/05.